Mr. Mom

The Mr. Mom references are everywhere these days. For a kinda lame movie it has a lot of good quotes. Or maybe I need to see it again, it’s only been about, oh, say, twenty years. Twenty, maybe twenty-one, whatevs. From Pitchfork’s interview with The New Pornographers’ Carl Newman:

Pitchfork: Was that hard for you? Kicking that OxyContin?

CN: It was!

Pitchfork: I heard you were at 100 mg a day. I don’t even know if that’s a lot.

CN: 100, 150. Whatever it takes, to paraphrase Mr. Mom.

Pitchfork: I’m not sure that we can textually indicate sarcasm sufficiently in this transcript. I have to assume you’ve never had a problem with OxyContin. Maybe I’m wrong?

CN: I only know it because of Rush Limbaugh, to be honest. He’s a dick!

Pitchfork: You said it.

CN: Let the record show Carl wasn’t sarcastic when he said Rush Limbaugh was a dick. I guess that’s kind of public knowledge. Like saying the sun is shiny.


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