Well, shit. If this just doesn’t feel like everything:

Sometimes no matter how hard you try and how special the thing you do, it simply isn’t enough to beat the odds. It’s the cold reality of business that not even we could escape.

There’s a link down there near the bottom that I’ve had up for a while, WOXY, a radio station out of Cincinnati, and tonight I went there to listen in like I do sometimes because it’s a great station. Instead I see this sad letter that starts out with the words “This sucks.” You know how this one ends.

Yes, it’s over. Or, it will be in a little over a week. It’s amazing to me that a four-person radio station cannot survive playing listener-supported non-corporate-sponsored music over the internet and available worldwide. All this progress and still…nothing to show for it.  I’m bummed about this, it’s just not right.

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