Who Said Print is Dead?

It’s just really slow. I had no idea when I picked up the Illinois Entertainer Saturday night that we were in it, I was just killing time before the show. Hey, it only took 8 months or so since we sent in the album for this review, but since it’s such a nice one we’re ok with it, especially the last line:

Milk at Midnight’s third release, Less Love More Acid (Stars/No Stars) finds the trio alternating between heart-stirring indie pop (”Sticks In My Stomach”), Killers danceability (”Kristol Ball”), and bombast worthy of Muse (the title track). “The Leaning Tower Of Astigmatism” opens with a riff that’s a little bit country and a little bit “Big Bird In Japan,” while “Lost Highway” drowns in a cacophony of psychedelia. Rarely does an album’s full track listing consist of must-hear ditties, but here’s a perfect dozen. (www.milkatmidnight.com)
– Janine Schaults

I have no idea what “Big Bird in Japan” is. Buy it on vinyl, or digitally, at Stars/No Stars. Also iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc.


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