Who Dat?

If there was a 21st-century attention-span paradox in having the man who wrote rock operas and concept albums compress his life’s work into 12 minutes — well, Townshend said beforehand that the medley was Daltrey’s idea.

Yeah, that kind of says it all. That review in the NY Times has to be the kindest one I have read. I fully expected the medley and so was not disappointed, but just underwhelmed. They are old now, and Roger can’t sing like he used to. It’s kind of depressing but what can you do? It was still exciting to see them in action, even for such a corporate gig–the biggest corporate gig ever. Well, that’s what they do these days, shill and provide the soundtrack for t.v. shows.

It was never going to be the awesomeness that I saw at the House of Blues years ago, with John Entwistle still alive and me so much closer in proximity than I ever could have imagined. Just amazing that I did it, that I spent $300 I very clearly could not afford (no more today than then), and that it all worked. So I am forever glad about it. Twelve minutes at halftime? Nope, not gonna do it.


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