Today from 4-7pm it’s the Adam and Doom show on Vocolo.org, don’t miss it! There’ll be all kinds of fun topics covered and maybe even some not-so-fun topics. Certainly politics, music, sports and religion (it’s “faith month” at Vocolo…uh oh!). See you then.


Here’s the agenda:

In the 4PM hour we’ll be talking about the rise in youth homelessness in Indiana.  It’s been documented by the Indiana Youth institute and we’ll try and find out why it’s happening and what resources the state and cities in NWI have to help.

We’ll also take a look at the media stories making headlines, courtesy of one Robert Feder.  Folks are jumping between the major dailies in Chicago.  Isn’t that kind of like running from one burning building to another?

In the 5PM hour we’ll talk Grammy nominations.  Chicago got a few nods, though not as many as you’d think.  And we answer this bit of trivia – what musical group has the most Grammy wins of any other group (hint: they’re from Chicago!).

Special guest host Danny Doom will get us all fired up over the troop surge in Afghanistan and the unwelcome guests that are still managing to make nuisance of themselves nearly two weeks later.

We’ll wrap the day up in the 6PM hour with our Daily Special and some Hawks and Bears talk – both were winners this weekend but what does it mean for the Bear’s playoff push and the Hawks campaign to the mid-season mark.

BONUS!  We’ll check out weird and wonderful tracks from The Flaming Lips newest album Embyronic all afternoon long.


Listen to the full broadcast here!


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