Unity, Sanctity, and Bigotry

In a few years, when gays are able to legally marry each other everywhere with the full benefits that straight couples are allowed, we will see that the positions held by Mr. Warren and his cult are primitive and bigoted. Just like any other civil rights issue that we as a nation have overcome, this too with appear in the rearview mirror as a wrong that has been corrected.

Obama asks us to come together with those who we disagree with on social issues, and I wonder how it is that we are supposed to do that. Is it not an insult to have those who believe homosexuality can be “fixed” invited as an integral part of a gathering in the name of unity? I’m pretty sure that Rick Warren and his cult members can be fixed–positive in fact–but that’s their business, isn’t it? I’m not going to get on their ass about it; evolution moves quicker in some than others.

Let’s be honest about this: the reason that these people are so afraid of  gay marriage is because some gibberish in a book told them it was wrong. Or because a man in a pulpit read from a book that told them it was wrong, someone like Rick Warren or Jerry Falwell, or maybe even Jeremiah Wright.

Reality proves otherwise. There is no absolute sanctity in marriage–certainly not in hetero marriage; there is only sanctity in a union if they choose to honor it, gay or straight. Get off the high horse unless you want to own Elizabeth Taylor’s eight marriages, you sanctimonious fuckers.

I stand by my original reaction:

I’m all for the unifying nature of Obama’s presidency and the possibilities that that may bring, but I believe that it is incumbent upon certain elements to prove worthy of such outreach. Rick Warren? Not so much.


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