Tortured Logic

The U.S. government used to take a negative view of waterboarding. But apparently we only object when we’re not the ones doing it…The Bush administration claimed that the waterboarding of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed helped foil a planned 2002 attack on Los Angeles — forgetting that he wasn’t captured until 2003.

The problem with using “it worked” as an argument is that it justifies too much. By that rationale, we can justify subjecting enemy captives to every form of torture ever devised. We can even justify torturing and killing their spouses, siblings, parents and children, right in front of them.

Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

It’s good to learn that Condi Rice signed off on this as National Security Adviser (along with Cheney of course). Will someone ask them why they hate America so much?

Meanwhile…Hannity. What a tool. Charles Grodin is taking him down? That’s weak. Weeeeeak. I hope someone takes him up on his offer and waterboards his ass.


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