The Spark That Bled

With the “Dugout Debacle” a distant memory, the Cubs have turned things around with two actual wins in their last three games. Felix Pie is back, Carlos “Raging Bull” Zambrano is on the mound, and Barrett’s stitches are still healing; this could be the spark this team needs. And for those of us in cubicles, or offices, I recommend, as always, From the Cubicle, on the Trib’s web site. You get solid anecdotes like this one at the start of the second inning:

Zambrano’s streak of dugout conversations with his catcher that don’t end in a fight is now at one.

And hey, hey! Hop in the Pie Wagon! That’s My Pie! Felix Pee-Yay has hit a three-run blast to give the Cubs an early 4-0 lead! Stay upstairs, Lou! This team is on a roll!


From the Cubicle is also home to the funniest message board around:

Chicago’s Worst 5, Milwaukee’s Best 0
Submitted by: mqm
2:14 PM CDT, Jun 6, 2007

Taste of Chicago 5, Summerfest 0
Submitted by: Carmen Fanzone
2:11 PM CDT, Jun 6, 2007

Submitted by: Homer
1:55 PM CDT, Jun 6, 2007

I want to marry Felix and change my name to Darryl Strawberry Pie.
Submitted by: Darryl Strawberry
1:46 PM CDT, Jun 6, 2007

Carlos, please punch me so I don’t have to suck
Submitted by: Jacque Jones’ Face
1:04 PM CDT, Jun 6, 2007


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