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I have to say, Madame Secretary, that I think this speech given last night by this president represents the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam, if it’s carried out. I will resist it.

Republican Chuck Hagel

Bush looked like a man who is in way over his head, which he is. The man who got the country into this hole, and whose neglect and incompetence dug us deeper into into it, looks like a man who would like nothing more than to get back to Crawford. We’d all be better off if he would.

National Review Online (conservative nuthouse)

I go back and forth on the whole impeachment thing. I honestly believe he should be, and that he deserves it, but at this point I don’t know what good it would do besides let him off the hook for the immediate moment (even as history will ravage Bush for eternity). But sweet jumpin’ Jesus jacks, what is this guy thinking? I’m trying to get primed up for the Bears’ playoff game this weekend, loading up on Old Style, Bloody Mary mix and aspirin while painting my body blue and orange, and all this is taking my focus away. If that isn’t cause for impeachment then what?

I’m sitting here listening to Howard Stern’s Mastertape Theater on Sirius radio and it’s a classic from 1995, which is right about when I first started listening to him. O.J. had just been acquitted and everyone was up in arms. Hilarious. Thanks to my Atlanta office for providing me with free Sirius satellite radio online, I have been enjoying Howard and the gang for a few months now and it’s great, if not extremely vulgar. The vast radio wasteland that he left behind is so pathetic (besides beloved WLUW 88.7) and yesterday’s ratings posted in the Sun-Times showed his old station, WCKG, dead last. Sorry, Stever, but that Opie and Anthony shit is lame.

But anyway, all this is going on and the Bears are gearing up for the game Sunday and I’ve got to sit and ponder the impeachment of the worst president ever? It’s an outrage, really. And because of that, today, I am completely and totally for it. Get rid of him!

* Thanks to Roger Waters for providing the totally unrelated title of this post today.


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