The Case For and Against Elena Kagan

Glenn Greenwald is really on top of this one. I don’t have a solid opinion formed yet on Elena Kagan but I am curious to understand why it is that the Supreme Court is kept consistently free of true progressives and instead filled with center, center-right, and right-wing judges?

Or why, as Greenwald points out, did liberals, independents and rational thinkers of America “elect a Democratic President, a huge majority in the House, and 59 Democratic Senators,” and yet are expected to be satisfied with a candidate that may push the Court further to the right?

Or, really, why does Joe Lieberman think Kagan will make the Court slightly less liberal“? And he’s happy about it. That can’t be good.

So, what’s the case for Kagan? Here’s one at Think Progress. I am one of those people who holds a relatively strong faith in Obama’s judgment, so there’s that. But I am curious to learn more about this woman’s views before I get behind her nomination.


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