The Cain Bootiny

It’s probably unfair to kick him now but…here at The Booze Cabinet–even in times of great hiatus–we never falter in patting down the dirt gently on top of a well-deserved political grave. In this case, Mr. Cain’s. That brain-freeze on Libya topped Rick Perry’s oops moment…almost! Oh, he’ll be fine–Republicans love that shit! Here’s my impression of a GOP primary voter:

“Did you hear the stupid shit Cain said today?”

“Yeah, I did. Goddamn liberals reported it, didn’t they? I gotta contribute more money to his campaign!”

“And that Perry, he sure stepped in it, huh?”

“Oh yeah he did! Fuckin’ lamestream media. How much do you think he needs today?”

Dumb as rocks. And hilarious. But Cain, he’s smart. His show is gonna be huge on Fox next year, premiering right around election time! They’re gonna call it “9-9-9nnnnightcap with Godfather Cain.”

But I was just saying about him, that “this is a guy who would refuse to come clean on anything, a guy who would not take questions if he didn’t have to, mega-micro-managing control freak.”

Just to prove it, my man HERman canceled an interview because he didn’t want it to be taped, which would then allow people to see the stupid shit that came out of his mouth and replay it over and over. Well, it was fun while it lasted.


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