The Cable Guy

So we were supposed to get cable yesterday but of course it didn’t happen. Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come from Comcast. They did hook up the internet, which means that we had, for the first time ever in the history of switching internet carriers, a smooth transition. This is probably because of the transition team that I set up last November in order to ensure that not one minute went by where we were vulnerable to any possible internet outages.

No, it was simple, really: we waited til it was hooked up and then canceled the old one. Could it be that easy? We’ll see when the bill comes. Anyway, cable is scheduled for Thursday. Why? Why did we give in after all these years? I think it had something to do with the prospect of babysitters staring at a fuzzy television while the baby cries, vowing to never return for a second time.

A side note to the fuzzy television: I ordered my digital converter coupons back in the summer, or whenever they first announced it. I figured I would really be on top of things when it all went down and so when they came in the mail I stored them away, confident that I would be ready when the bunny ears came down.

Right around Christmas I decided to go out and get the converter(s) and so I grabbed my coupons–worth $40 each–and went out to buy two of them. This is when I noticed that there was an expiration date on them: June 2008. I had no idea. I ended up ordering two more coupons through an outside source, but last week we said screw it. We’re getting cable. Now I get to watch the Cubs collapse in the comfort of my own home. The bunny ears are coming down! A new era is coming! Twenty-first century, stand back!


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