The Boy That No One Knows


I’d like to think of this picture…instead of this one:


Hard to believe these are the same people. I don’t really understand what happened to Michael Jackson, but I have a feeling that his childhood kind of ruined the rest of his life.  He was not a normal person. It’s a sad thing, but I don’t feel personally sad. It’s just very weird because he’s been around for all of our lives, as a singer and entertainer, and now he’s not. I should feel just as sad about Farrah Fawcett but you know, these are people who are posters and tv shows. I didn’t love Michael Jackson’s music but it’s always been there, and I respect some of it. I know that “Thriller” is a classic, and I have the album…I’m just writing now to try and figure out how I feel.

The biggest thing to me is that I recently wrote something, fictional, that was based on an abandoned “Neverland” type of estate. Hard to describe or put into context, but let’s just say that Jackson’s amusement park fantasyland was the inspiration for a chapter. It may be sadder now than even intentioned originally, but I’ll have to see.

In retrospect, I think that Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson were two of the most unhappiest millionaires there ever was. Billionaires? They had lots of money, yes they did. What else?


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