The 25% Solution

Drudge has the headline that 75% of Texans would vote to stay in the USA. There’s always 25% crazy isn’t there? I’m gonna take a wild guess that 25% also don’t like the release of the torture memos, don’t like the release of the right-wing extremist report, and really enjoy a good tea-bagging (I just can’t get off this tea-bag shit!).

I think it’s all good. Only a true un-American asshole would resort to the “love it or leave it” bullshit. Only a real dick would say that you must hate your country if you don’t agree with how things are being done. That’s the 25% way. There will always be 25% dumbass. That’s just the way it is. So I think it’s best to laugh and encourage them. Dissent and grow your hair, if any left! Unloosen the tie and get angry! Go Galt, you anti-intellectual pseudo-philosophic noodleheads, if you’ve got the guts!

What a country. Here’s to the 75%ers, keeping it together.


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