Teleprompter Vs. No Teleprompter

I’m having a hard time believing this, but apparently some (on the right) are trying to make an issue of Obama and his use of the teleprompter. As in, when he doesn’t use it he says really stupid stuff. But he almost always uses it, so that’s why he speaks so well. Or something like that?

Now, we just got through with the most mangled, star-spangled, mumbo-jumbo-speakin’ president in the history of speakin’. This guy couldn’t make sense of shit. He spoke like a speaker at the Special Olympics–oops! I got off the prompter there! He spoke like he was the most dumb-ass speaking-challenged guy there ever was.

(Political correctness has long been an issue with these same nuts, but now, suddenly, great offense is being taken at Obama’s bowling joke. Caucasian, please.)

Anyway, I happened to catch Letterman last night and he came up with a new segment that I think puts this all into perspective. It’s called “Teleprompter Vs. No Teleprompter.”


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