Tea Baggin’ It

What can I say, I like the fact that pirates still exist. I thought it was only in “The Life Aquatic” that they still sailed the seas, wreaking havoc and what not. Of course, it won’t be cool if they kill the captain, so let’s hope that gets resolved. What about the tea baggers–I mean, the tea party protesters? I guess we’ll find out on tax day if right-wingers really know how to protest but from what I hear they’re real good at tea-baggin’ each other. Oh, such sophomoric humor, why do I have to go there?

Speaking of tools…I was driving around in the MaM Van listening to “Gish” on the cd player that works sometimes and wondering just what happened to old Billy Corgan. That’s a damn good album, but man did he lose it. Now I see him on Stereogum with Tila Tequila. I don’t even want to know what that’s all about.


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