Tea-Baggin’ It to Oblivion

Ahh, but before we get too far in celebrating the sad state of Republican nutbags, Paul Krugman makes a good point:

Republicans have become embarrassing to watch. And it doesn’t feel right to make fun of crazy people…But here’s the thing: the G.O.P. looked as crazy 10 or 15 years ago as it does now. That didn’t stop Republicans from taking control of both Congress and the White House.

They were indeed always this crazy. And that crazy has been in charge for a large portion of my political life experience. And yet I have no doubt that if you went issue by issue, Americans would fall on the side of what are usually Democratic Party positions. We are NOT a conservative country, or even center-right. There is nothing in the way we operate that denotes that.

Only war, and the fear of war, and the fear of fear, can manipulate these normal, moderate patterns. Democrats have won four of the last five presidential popular votes. Obvious point: It appears to me that only by manipulation and fear can the GOP be successful in getting voters on their side, but what bothers me is the way that my fellow Americans are so easily taken in this way. I mean, it was all happening right before our eyes and yet…look what we got. I hate to use the word “dumb,” but man, it sure looks pretty dumb to me.

These things are cyclical and I have no doubt the Republicans will recover and come back again, but as Krugman says, I hope they dial back on the crazy a little bit. The loss of Evangelical support will keep them down for a while longer, and that’s all good, but like zombies and Schwarzenegger, they’ll be back. But for now, I kind of enjoy laughing at the fringe element and their tea bag movement. You go, crazies!


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