Such Great Heights

It’s hard not to feel the pangs of schadenfreude in reading this article about the most unpopular president of all time. I mean, there’s not much else that can be done about him; he won’t be impeached, but at least you know that there’s gotta be some suffering going on, at some level. And, yeah, that feels good to me. I want that group (what’s left of them) to feel like shit for what they’ve done to this country (and others). They’ll never admit it, but you know it’s gotta weigh on them/him at night, how poorly their work has been received. Then again, maybe not. He probably sleeps like a baby, in a king’s bed, free of doubt. Bastard.

The historic depth of Bush’s public standing has whipsawed his White House, sapped his clout, drained his advisers, encouraged his enemies and jeopardized his legacy. . . “It isn’t just the Iraq war,” said Shirley Anne Warshaw, a presidential scholar at Gettysburg College. “It’s everything.”

The current president, though, has endured bad numbers longer than Nixon or his father did and longer than anyone other than Truman. His disapproval rating has topped 50 percent for more than two years. And though Truman hit 65 percent once, Bush has hit that high three times in the past 14 months.

As much as Bush advisers dismiss polls, their predecessors in the White House said public rejection invariably drags down the whole institution. “It colors everything you can do,” Donatelli said. “Psychologically, it wears on you.”

Caddell describes a White House down in the polls in one word: “Awful.” “People start going through the motions,” he added. “The energy is gone.”

Disfavor for Bush Hits Rare Heights, Washington Post


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