Speaking of Torture

I haven’t read the Sun-Times much since I stopped the delivery, but a look around today brings me to Neil Steinberg’s column:

Freedom is never free, as the armchair patriots like to say under different circumstances. We accept certain losses to be free to drive fast. We have sacrificed thousands of soldiers supposedly defending freedom in Iraq. Yet our leaders refuse to accept even theoretical casualties that may come from adhering to our own standards of human decency.

Excuse me, our former standards. We are — at least until January — a nation that legally tortures people. Other repressive regimes of the world have the good sense to be ashamed, and torture covertly, in remote gulags and secret police basements. Here we write the foul practice into law and our goof of a president waves it around as if it held our salvation.

At least until January. Let’s make sure it stops right then and there.


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