Speaking of Collapse

I just witnessed one half inning of Cubs baseball that is just about enough for me to give up any ties to this team, FOREVER! I didn’t watch the game until I saw that it was 5-1 Cubs in the bottom of the ninth, and so I thought I would catch the last outs. Ha! A simple, innocent thought: the “last outs.”

I turned on the television and the bases were already loaded, Dempster pitching. Apparently he had walked a few, gave up a single, and it just got worse after that. Another walk, another single, the bases stayed loaded and they kept pushing another in, single, single, until it was tied up. And then, the final ignominy, one last single, and the game was lost 6-5.

This team is awful. The pitchers always walk people and they always score. They have players like Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez who are great on paper but they never seem to hit at the same time. That have a rotating cast of outfielders that suck. They have Ceasar Izturis, Ronny Cedeno, Jacque Jones, some of the worst hitters around. They have Ryan Dempster, the shittiest reliever in the league! What is wrong with this team? Why must the Cubs always suck?

I am done with this team!


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