Slit Skirts

I think people are starting to realize that that voice would be annoying as hell for four years, to say nothing of her policies. I’m talking about that chickadee, Palin, of course. McCain’s no prize with the voice either, but whatever. But with the country in financial collapse, what we need is a smooth, calming voice to sail us through the waters. So there’s one more for Obama.

Something to realize: Obama the “celebrity” has been riding this wave for a good four years since the 2004 DNC. In other words, he’s no flash in the pan; he is the candidate, the one that beat Hillary Clinton. It has taken Palin about two weeks to peak and fade. She can’t and will not last because she is not even riding her own wave; she is following a script (you may remember, Obama wrote his own–twice in book form).

Palin, not even the candidate, but the vice-presidential gimmick, is so much a set-piece that she has been shielded from the public since her one-night-stand at the RNC and only allowed out for carefully plotted “interviews”–one with Sean Hannity! She repeats the same lines and phrases over and over while stalling for time by calling the interviewer by his first name again and again; this is obvious stuff, Charlie!

It’s funny to hear that audiences are leaving after she speaks because McCain is such a bore. Sad, but funny. Celebrity goes at the top of the ticket, guys. But even that will not last, there’s just not enough there. Talk about an empty skirt.


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