Seeing is Believing

The New York Times gives an unsurprising but thorough endorsement of Barack Obama, which reminds me that while I was busy becoming a father, the Chicago Tribune also endorsed Obama. Unbelievable. That says as much about Obama’s strengths as it does about the disastrous state of the Republican party. I mean, the Trib endorsed Bob Dole. Hell, they endorsed George W. Bush in 2004, knowing exactly what he was bringing to the table; that took a blind eye and half a brain.

But now they have broken the mold and endorsed a Democrat for president. We can stop bitching about the conservative, right-wing Trib, I suppose. But then, Obama has a 3-1 margin (127-49) in endorsements so far, so you can see this happening everywhere. This has nothing to do with “liberal bias,” it has to do with not being a dumb-ass. Who would want to have to explain that decision?

I decided to check out what a McCain endorsement would sound like, so I went to the New York Post, who have supposedly gone for McCain, but there was nothing. I searched and looked and searched but could not find any sign of this endorsement. I’m sure they’re proud of it and put a lot of thought into it, but I have no idea where they are hiding it. So, as a second choice I went to the Detroit News, whose top story at 1am, by the way, relates that Obama has a 14 point lead in Michigan:

We readily acknowledge that McCain has run a distressingly ineffective presidential campaign. He has failed to find his voice on the campaign trail, rarely revealing the appealing personal characteristics and refreshing political views that caused us to endorse him in Michigan’s Republican primary in January.

Distressingly ineffective. How, I wonder, do they think McCain would run the country? Sarah Palin, the endorsement continues, “is clearly not prepared for the role she was chosen to play.” Huh. Well, these minor details have certainly not dampened the Detroit News’ enthusiasm! Amazing. This makes me want to read the other 48 endorsements of McCain just to see the creative ways in which he is being recommended. But I won’t. The Detroit News concludes that:

“McCain may lack the inspirational qualities of his opponent, but if this were a blind audition judged solely on the resumes of the two candidates, he would win decisively.”

Ahh. A blind audition. Now I see what it takes to endorse John McCain for president: a profound lack of vision.


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