Ron Asheton and The Stooges from a Watt POV

I think it’s good for stooges to play pads where there’s been a lot of hurt and a need for spirits to get lifted. hell, I think it’s good for the stooges to play everywhere, I love playing w/the stooges anywhere on the planet. well, maybe in the future we can play that town or play somewhere in that land… I sure hope so.

Mike Watt, from the tour diaries

So Ron Asheton died at 60 today in Ann Arbor and I’m back reading Watt’s diaries from the last tour. He went all over the world with The Stooges, how great is that? Not much more to say, but Watt’s words at the final gig in Cannes:

ig asks if we’re ready… yep – “then go!” he says and I run out w/the andy bass, the crowd already wild and hollering, whoa. fist in the air for them as ronnie fires up “loose” and soon we’re crackin…what’s great is the asheton brothers and oh man, is iggy on fire – holy smoke! you get on this train and it’s just amazing, a mindblow for me every time, no matter how many times – that’s why I can’t get too self-involved. I just love these guys. and so do the french folks, what a reception! thank you ig, scotty, ron and steve, thank you chris, rik and jos. most grateful watt for all of you, I’m so glad to be let on board.


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