Ridin’ the Storm Out

That monster storm knocked me out and offline until late tonight. Then I went out and got an oil change and this woman flashed me today. Seriously, I was at a gas station on Fullerton and this woman was going around talking to every guy she saw while her friend pumped gas. She looked like she belonged in a hip-hop video. She had golden skin (Hispanic, I think) and fake blond curly hair, and she was wearing a very short skirt and a bikini top. First she lifted up her skirt to reveal one cheek and slapped it, and then, looking in my general direction, she pulled down one side of her top to flash her large, and seemingly fake boob. As she did this she yelled out “All real, baby!” I was in a bad mood until that happened.

A couple of things I didn’t realize: pre-season football starts Thursday for the Bears and the Olympics start on Friday. I care about football; the Olympics, not so much. Orton is starting, for now. I guess Fav-ra’s leaving the Pack? Good. He should have retired after he cried all over the Bears game two years ago.

Here’s the setlist for Radiohead. Awesome. I remember everything, but I don’t. They played all of those great songs? Something else I didn’t realize: the other show in 2001 at Hutchinson Field was also on August 1, and had four three songs that are still unreleased (on proper studio albums). (“Lurgee” was a song on Pablo Honey; never really heard that album, even still.) Final stupid fact: both sets had 24 songs in them. Eerie.

Lastly, there is this:

“Now two points,” Obama told the crowd. “One, they know they’re lying about what my energy plan is, but the other thing is they’re making fun of a step that every expert says would absolutely reduce our oil consumption by three to four percent. It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant.”

He was referring to inflating your tires.  And he’s right, they do take pride in being ignorant.


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