Random Noodling

This is the kind of spam I get sometimes: “I am not good at reading fiction but i like this post.” But fiction is spelled “ficiton.” Mostly Akismet catches it but occasionally I am called upon to make the judgment. Anyway, I have random thoughts and here they are:

Netflix is pissing me off with its very long wait for “Inglorious Basterds.” It’s been like three months. What the hell? Half full: “Up in the Air” is on its way.

No matter is wrong with the healthcare bill, when it is passed I will be very happy. There will be plenty of time to bitch about no public option (really?) and all that caving to right-wing Democrats, but I will be happy anyway. It has to happen.

My new favorite blog: Raymi the Minx (oh yeah, occasionally NSFW)

If a man loves a horse, what is the problem? Can a man not love a horse?

I am not prepared for the Cubs to be on again. I am entering this season at the most skeptical angle ever. Seriously. Look, they’re not gonna win it all this year. Let’s just go in with that premise and it’ll be okay.

Pearl Jam. Uh, I thought “Backspacer” kinda sucked. And so the SNL appearance? Lame.

What’s that? Am I enjoying the Catholic implosion? Oh, thanks for asking. Yeah, I am. Not that it will change anything.

Blog I never thought I’d be reading: Little Green Footballs. I don’t know, it was like some kind of right-wingin’ blog and then it wised up? Whatever, I just started reading it and the guy isn’t crazy. I’m all for people getting smart, so…

Ebert rules.


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