Oh Xmas Tree

Probably the last post for a while, things are slowing down around here for the holidays as they pick up in real life. Happy Merry and all that stuff, congrats and cheers to the passing of the health care bill, let’s hope they don’t mess this one up yet.  Not all ready to cheer all of its contents but still positive that something is getting done for the general good.

A couple of other thoughts:

What has seemed like a tumultuous first year for Obama is going to be looked back upon as a year of great achievement, once the right-wing noise has lost its volume and once people realize what little substance there is behind it. Of course, over here on the left there will be disagreements. But that’s what we’re supposed to do. The failure of the Bush loyalists made that all too clear. If this first year has proved anything it is that Obama will not be allowed to simply ignore the progressive movement. Or, that the progressive movement will not accept blindly what is given.

Not bad for a start. Cheers and all that.

Note: this up-to-the-minute chart has already been updated.


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