Noodling Nutballs

Roger Ebert’s blog possesses the most reasonable and informative commenters on most occasions, so it is sad to see what happens when the crazies get a hold of one of his posts and dig in.* Roger writes about the “festering fringe” that is seething against President Obama currently, and I agree with what he says.

All of this disquiet is festering. What will it come to? That’s what I’m afraid of. American common sense is drowned out in some precincts by the ravings of the lost and resentful. They feel excluded. They are ripe for demagogues. They have suffered more than their share in the economic crisis, but cannot see why. They are told to oppose, even hate, those who might be trying to help them.

As you would see if you read through the hundreds of comments (not recommended), reasonable discourse is not the forte of the fringe. I found that out in a recent and rare participation in a comment section on Facebook–whew! Not something I plan on doing again. I prefer to write the authors directly and have a conversation, but even that is rare. There is just no talking to these nuts, and no one ever wins. I guess that’s why I stay here.

* It looks as though his post was linked on a total nutbag site called Newsbusters.


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