No Drama Obamarama Except for Afghanistana

My poor lonely blog–ahem, excuse me–Booze Cabinet! My poor lonely Booze Cabinet. Sitting here patiently waiting for something new while I go off and live my life. Eating turkey and drinking Guinness and such. Ah, the pleasures of life. The holidays are here and so suddenly there’s more and more activities like family stuff and then there’s always band stuff and then of course baby stuff, but then it’s always been like that I guess. So whatever, I’m just having a relaxing Monday night watching football and tap tap tapping away at the computer at various things–

Okay, now it’s Tuesday morning. See, this is how it happens. Distractions, stuff, and the next thing you know I haven’t finished my thoughts. Here’s a quick stab at it, I’m trying to understand a couple of things: one, it appears that the two people who crashed the White House party are a Big Deal. Is this for real? Who cares? These people are like Jon and Kate–I don’t know who they are and yet I keep hearing about them. Make it stop.

Second, tonight is the big Obama Afghanistan speech. I am not pleased with what I hear–30,000 more troops. There is no way to “win” this war, if you can even call it that. It is just an ongoing “thing.” How will it be determined that it is time to leave? Perhaps Obama will tell us. But I do not like the sounds of it. I think now would have been the perfect time to get out, in this first year of his presidency, but apparently he wants to do it up.

I read this last night, it is one way to look at the first year of Obama: Brilliant! The article actually makes some good points, I recommend it for those who may be down on him right now. Look, I’m patient, and unlike the media and all the crazies, I don’t expect this all to be wrapped up and done in the first year, all of the shit left behind. And it has not even been a year. I like the calmness of Obama and I am certainly glad he is in there. But I fear that this Afghanistan gig is going to eat up four years like a monster.


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