Monday Night Boob Tubin’

I’m trying to watch the first-place (?!?) Cubs finish this game that is now in the 12th inning and meanwhile Bill Kristol is leering at Jon Stewart and making me ill. Still, the Palin coverage makes it worth it, and now Colbert piles on. The clips I have seen of her speech today are downright surreal. A true wack-job for the ages, Sarah Palin. Here’s a helpful look back from Gawker (“Sarah Palin’s Gradual Descent Into Incoherency“). Best description ever:

It’s like Peggy Noonan, Jack London, and William Faulkner wandered into the woods with three buttons of peyote and one typewriter, and only this speech emerged.

The Cubs? In the 13th, still tied. Come on! Bases juiced, no outs, end it! Fonzie, gimme some redemption! Yeah! Grand slam! Whooo! Wow, that was awesome. Looks like they’ve done it again, they’ve sucked me back in. Damn!


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