Mine is Bigger Than Yours

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I can’t say that I watch this show, or any cable news show, with any regularity or really at all, but I’ve certainly seen it. And Rachel Maddow appears to be the most sensible person there is on any of the three mostly terrible networks. This segment, most importantly, kicks ass, and I highly recommend it. If only to put the myth of the Fox News ratings juggernaut into perspective.


President Obama may want to watch this. Over-reacting to such a small, lunatic segment of America’s right-wing is not going to accomplish much of anything. It really is easy to ignore these folks, I do it all the time. By the way, when I say “President Obama,” what I really mean is “the White House.” I truly don’t believe that Obama himself cares so much about these things but it is obvious that there is a staff mentality that is keeping close watch on these dummies. Why, I have no idea.


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