Milk at Midnight – “Kristol Ball”

The vids keep on coming, this one for the song “Kristol Ball.” This is the song that famously put Mr. Kristol on the firing line at The New York Times and, after repeated plays by the head honchos there, led to his dismissal. We couldn’t be happier.

From the album “Less Love More Acid” by Milk at Midnight, available on Stars/No Stars Records, or at Reckless, Permanent, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and many others! Enjoy more MaM videos at MilkTube, your one-stop rock and roll video control tower!



I’m still trying to absorb why the Washington Post would want to pick up a columnist fired by the NYT after an execrably dishonest series of partisan memos masquerading as journalism.

Yeah, Kristol is at the Post I guess. They’ll learn, eventually. But I don’t care; I don’t read the Post.


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