Man of Inaction – John Kerry

Of all the things John Kerry has done or not done, I have never regretted voting for him in the 2004 election. The only regret was that there wasn’t a better candidate (there was, perhaps, in Howard Dean or John Edwards) but the alternative–four more years of Mr. Bush–made it an easy decision. It was Kerry or . . . well, you know what we got.

This story and video of a student being tasered by police is so repulsive, for one because cops with tasers are like pigs in shit, but also because Mr. Kerry stood by and did nothing to stop it. If what that kid did (asking pointed questions) is a crime, then we’re all in much bigger trouble than we ever imagined. John Kerry can go to hell, where he will wonder why it’s so hot but do nothing about it.


Always one to wait until it’s too late (see Swift Boat), John Kerry has condemned the tasering and arrest of the “heckler” (was he really “heckling,” or simply asking provocative questions? Asking Kerry about impeaching Bush is NOT heckling). As for the cops, there are ways to deal with that problem, within or outside of the system. The Booze Cabinet endorses non-violent aggression; specifically, eggs.


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