Lolla Rewind, Part II – Saturday

Saturday was the lame day, with the weakest schedule of the three days, and so we took our time getting there. It was gloom and doom too, with rain threatening all day and lower temps. It was after 4 when we walked in to see The Roots, whom I have nothing bad to say about. We left halfway to catch some of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and while I think I enjoyed it, I don’t remember anything about them.

The Hold Steady were next and this was easily one of the top shows of the weekend. I’ve been listening to them a fair amount lately but have never seen them, so this was another virgin experience. Hyper-spaz singer Craig Finn has to be the most likable person in rock, he was great to watch and I particularly loved when he would continue singing/shouting off the mic, like he just had to keep going. That first line of “Stuck Between Stations”–“There are nights when I think Sal Paradise was right: Boys and Girls in America have such a sad time together”–kills me every time (from On the Road).

After that it was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who were pretty good, but the rain started falling a little harder and I wasn’t totally paying attention. We wandered over to meet up with my friend Sweet Baby Jane on the other side, and caught a good portion of Patti Smith, the legend (not Patty Smyth, the non-legend!). When she went into “Smells Like Teen Spirit” it was one of the great moments of the weekend. Is that song ever going to stop feeling that way? I hope not.

Finally it was Muse or Interpol, and having seen Interpol a few times I decided to check out what everyone was gearing up about. Again, not my thing. Muse was pretty over-the-top in all the wrong ways for me. And nothing about them seemed very fresh. We left before it was over and headed to El Cid for some post-Lolla enchiladas and Margaritas and Day Two came to an end.


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