Lolla Rehashbrowns


No long stories to tell here, just a quick rundown. Ah, who am I kidding? Bring on the long version. Let’s just throw it out there: Lollapalooza has Pitchfork beat in so many ways. The sound is superior, the lines are shorter, the choices are greater and the lakefront setting is the best there is. And no 312 beer! Anyone who tells you the heat was unbearable is a wimp. The only bummer was the rain on Friday, but we didn’t show up til around 5 or so.

The Decemberists performed their rock opera, “The Hazards of Love,” in its entirety and it was the first and best part of that day. Well, I really only saw 2 other bands that day: Of Montreal and Depeche Mode. DM played “Never Let Me Down Again” and that made it for me. Love that song.


That’s a screen shot, of course, of Colin of The Decemberists. I wish I had a picture of Shara Worden, the guest vocalist who kicked ass. Wow, what a voice.


There’s Perry with some female party guests. That was…interesting. Saturday I saw the Arctic Monkeys and I was kind of like, eh, ok. Missed Santigold while stuck in a huge bottleneck that threatened to swallow us whole (also mentioned here), it was the one low point of the whole thing. TV On the Radio was great and Animal Collective was…also interesting.


We hung in the south end for Tool and that was pretty awesome. Prog-metal, man. I don’t do hair metal, or rap metal or really any kind of metal, but prog-metal I can handle. At least for a little bit. Then we went back to the Congress Hotel for our usual post-show hijinx, as we did on Friday.


Sunday was easily the best day and we got there kind of early for Cage the Elephant. I posted a video of theirs from Letterman recently and it’s a cool song. The show was good, rockin’ and full of energy. Singer dude was floating on the crowd for a while.


Heard the very end of Kaiser Chiefs then went all the way back for Dan Deacon, which was cool, and relaxed for a while as Vampire Weekend played across the field. Man, they suck. Seriously. Cold War Kids were ok, but I just couldn’t get into it. Left early to catch Lou Reed, who was fashionably late–15 minutes late.


Still, the show was great, Lou didn’t disappoint. So glad I chose to see that show over Snoop and Deerhunter, the toughest choice of the weekend. Next was Band of Horses and they had to wait for Lou, who went over his time and then some. It was kind of funny, the old guy showing up late and then refusing to follow the rules.


Band of Horses were good but we left early to hit the right side for Jane’s Addiction. Apparently The Killers grabbed the bigger crowd, which makes sense since masses of people tend to gravitate toward the shittiest music. Have I mentioned how much I think The Killers suck? How I knew I had a great weekend: I didn’t see or hear The Killers at all.

Jane’s started and Band of Horses was still playing but we were on the right side and so it didn’t really affect our sound. Jane’s was awesome. It was a great set, great to hear “Three Days” and “Then She Did” from the long side 2 of Ritual De Lo Habitual. I always liked that side better. Almost prog-metalish! And of course, anything from Nothing’s Shocking was great to hear. Loved it, loved the show. ADDED UPDATE: I forgot to mention, Perry Farrell’s between-song banter was weird, funny and never too long. Wayne Coyne could learn a lot from this, and actually play a full set of songs. I’m just sayin’.

Yeah, I missed having any huge headliner that I really loved like Radiohead or Pearl Jam, but it was nice to have a little more room to move. The shows I saw were a lot less packed than the last few years. The sound was great and I think I only had one bathroom line that was kind of long. Those giant beers were something else, but they disappeared after the first night. Probably a good thing. Drink three of them and suddenly you have a six-pack in you.

Anyway, another great year. Hard to believe it’s over already.



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