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I waited too long to post this one. Unlike most Booze Cab posts, which come out in a flurry and are published immediately, I wrote this and then shelved it last night, because I am uncertain of the topic. Then I read my old pal Sullivan today, who, in mentioning the Israel lobby asks “are we allowed to use those words without being anti-Semitic?”

This is what I was wondering last night. The post I wrote began with this:

Is it possible to disagree with America’s unquestioning support of Israel–I should just stop right there!–but is it possible to disagree without being considered anti-Semitic? Because it appears that it is not possible. And I don’t know that I get that.

I am not anti-Semitic, so there’s that. And I don’t really have a strong view on this, except that I am against unquestioning loyalty to anything so unwieldy as an entire country or government. That includes, of course, my own. But why is America so slavish to Israel?

I bring this up in the wake of this Charles Freeman withdrawal, trying to understand it. And I just don’t.

And that’s all I had from last night. And I don’t understand any more today than yesterday. Jimmy Carter is the only person I have seen make any sense on the whole Israel-Palestine thing in his Charlie Rose interviews, but I certainly can’t speak to it any more than that.


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