Live-Blogging the DNC and Cubs Game

This is tough work. Cubs on WGN and Hillary Clinton about to speak at the DNC. I’ve opened a Tecate after a delicious taco dinner and settled in for the fireworks. Cubs tie it up, again, on a bases-loaded walk and then another walk gives them the lead! Still juiced, no outs. Let’s finish these Pirates off! Base hit for Reed Johnson, 10-8, still nobody out!

Two outs now and the Montana governor (I think) is revving things up before Clinton. Whoa! Soto clears the bases with a three-run double! 13-8! Nice. Fontenot follows with a double and it’s looking good, 14-8 Cubs. Damn, this Tecate tastes good! Cubs finally get out and we head to the 9th bottom of the 8th with a solid lead.

Now, the Hillary video has begun. Very orange tonight, she is. Huge, non-stop ovation. Glad the Cubs took care of business so I can watch this! No way. No how. No McCain! Did she just say doody? Oh, duty, right. Quick flip to the Cubs and they’re up again. Good, back to HRC. Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits! Ha!

Poo-tin. You go, girl. She’s good. Shoulda been VP, I’m thinking right about now. Bill is bursting with pride. Have the Cubs won yet? I don’t know, I can’t turn away. Nice Twin Cities shot! Can’t tell McCain and Bush apart! Could use another Tecate right about now. And so my lovely pregnant wife gets up and gets me one! Right as the speech ends.

I instantly get a text from someone who had written to me this morning, saying that the Clintons are going to blow this like Nader did. Now, he says “great speech.” I tell him he worries too much. Then he responds: “I’m a Cub fan and a Democrat. I’m accustomed to blowing it whenever we’re ahead.”

The Cubs! Did they win? Looks like it, news is on channel 9. A quick check and yes, 14-9, Cubs win! A good night all around, in D-Town and C-Town.


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