Well, no great Lollapalooza recap here, not like years past, only some last-minute half day Sunday coverage this time. It was difficult to be at home knowing it was going on, not because I was missing any great band that I loved (I wasn’t) but because it’s always a good time no matter what. Alas, I couldn’t stay away, and so on Sunday afternoon after the rain stopped an executive decision was made and we were there. This is some of what I saw:

Are you hearing this shit? What year are we in?!?” Haha, I love that video. Here’s Andrew from Wolfmother. Derivative, yes, but also lots of fun, what can you do?

The National are a band I am slowly coming around to but I’m still not sure about the live show. Maybe I wasn’t sitting still long enough to feel the slow build. But I like their latest album a bit.

Win from Arcade Fire (yes, on the video screen). Really, the main reason I wanted to go. And my only real complaint was that the sound kinda sucked. Turn it up! We moved around a bit and it got better but…not sure why the headlining band sounded quieter than every other band I heard.

Also saw Erykah Badu and Cypress Hill briefly, skipped Soundgarden completely and don’t regret it.

Hit Miller’s Pub afterward for some mozzarella sticks and some nice icy cold water. Glad to not have the three-day stink on me today, but there’s still a stench thanks to the ridiculous heat. I have never–never!–complained about the weather, most especially the heat in our all-too-brief summers, but man, I am really sick of the 90s. Really. I’m hot and tired of it. The End.


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