Liberal Media Saves McCain’s Dumb Ass

McCain “wrote” an op-ed for the NYT and they read it and said “eh. No. Try again?” Just doing him a solid because, as Jason Linkins writes in the Huffington Post, it “spared McCain no end of embarrassment, because the op-ed is rivetingly dumb and laden with inaccuracies.”

In short, there is just not one word of that op-ed that makes a lick of sense. Far from complaining, the McCain camp owes the Times a little gratitude.

It is amusing to watch as both Bush and McCain come around to Obama’s way of thinking on Iraq, all the while criticizing him for…wanting to lose? It appears that the only way we can “win” in Iraq is if a Republican brings the troops home instead of a Democrat. Unless Bush moves quickly–and he won’t–Obama will be ending the debacle in Iraq, and not a moment too soon. Sucks to be you, McWeiner.


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