Letters from Andrew

Light a fire, brew a mug of tea, and gather round for another installment of…Letters from Andrew!

The thing about having a photographic memory is you want to be careful with it. I once took mine to a cheap one hour photo hut (aka foto hut). They lost it. It was almost a year before I got it back. Stupid foto hut.

Don’t ask people “how do you do?”, ask them “why do you do it?”. Got it?

It seems like the governors are having quite the bit of fun these days. Let’s see what new surprises pop up this week.

Triscuits will indeed serve to heat a house in a wood pellet stove. A bit costly though, and your guests may never want to leave for the smell.

Seen a El Milagro truck lately? Delivering those heavenly fresh tortillas. I haven’t had a tortilla since 4/01. It sucks. Nobody has a clue what a tortilla is here. Sometime around 2002, El Milagro switched their whole fleet to natural gas. Christina Todd Whitman even wrote about them when she was head of the EPA.

Speaking of days, it’s just about 300 days now. We’re in the home stretch. Now if the earth can just hold in there. Do you have your countdown calendar in full view?

Orbiting in my lab watching the Russians in the fall of 1970 (secretly),


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