Let The Fools Speak!

Conservative nuts are falling over backwards now that the Columbia University debacle has been branded a huge success. This is because when it comes to open debate or free speech, the right-wing prefers to bomb first and ask questions later. Imagine if Saddam Hussein could have come and made a fool of himself too; he could have been ineffective, lacking influence, and alive today.

Also realize that Columbia provided a forum that our own president, Mr. Bush, has failed to give over the course of his failed seven years. This kind of open, honest debate–and in Ahmadinejad’s case, outright ridicule–of a leader has not been allowed in the controlled, carefully selected audiences of the Bush Regime. If anyone needs to be laughed at publicly, it is Mr. Bush. But instead he is surrounded by cheering apologists, the ignorant and oblivious 29 percents.

As Ross Perot would say, now that is just sad.

Note: Charlie Rose gave Mr. Ahmadinejad a forum as well (how dare he?!). I haven’t seen it yet, but you can here.


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