Kid Amnesiac

In what universe must someone be living to believe that the Democratic Party is controlled by “the Left,” let alone “the furthest left elements” of the Party?

Glenn Greenwald

Oh, no need to get into it all, just another common theme that needs to be shattered on a regular basis. Getting tired of this…

The very idea that an administration run by Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel and staffed with centrists, Wall Street mavens, and former Bush officials — and a Congress beholden to Blue Dogs and Lieberdems — has been captive “to the Left” is so patently false that everyone should be too embarrassed to utter it.

Yet no one seems to be! It’s one thing for the usual right wing nuts to run with it but to hear the conservative Democrats…ah, I don’t know what more to say about it. This is the real kicker though:

All that said, and as horrible as the Democrats have been all year, the most amazing — and depressing — aspect of all of this is how Americans have so quickly forgotten how thoroughly the Republicans, during their eight-year reign, destroyed the country.


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