Kick ‘Em When They’re Down

There are 30 days to go before this election. What we’re seeing explode in front of us are both the devastating fruits of eight years of unchallenged right-wing rule under the Bush/Cheney administration and the tactics of a desperate, dying, rotted movement descending further and further into the sewer in order to cling to power. The more they unmask themselves this way, the more smashing will be their defeat, the longer their banishment will be.

Glenn Greenwald,

I wish I believed that their defeat would be a long-term banishment, but in politics these dips only last an election cycle before they rise again. McCain will lose–and Bush/Cheney have already lost their battle with history–but in four years, if not two, they will rise up again and challenge. This is because the Republican party has one great talent, and that is electioneering. What needs to be reminded is that they suck at everything else. You’d think that wouldn’t be hard, given what’s transpired the past eight years, but some folks are thicker than others. I’ll do my best to kick ’em when they’re down.


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