Kerry Was Right

No, you can’t call Matthew Dowd bright, for he was fooled spectacularly by George W. Bush and the alleged promise of his candidacy in 1999. But give him credit, he finally came around, although as usual, too late. How many of these folks are left? Oh wait, here’s another one who has just seen the light

For those of us who voted for John Kerry in hopes that the war could be brought to an end (and the reversal of damage wrought by Bush, Inc.), this particular point about Mr. Dowd is quite infuriating, and ironic:

His views against the war began to harden last spring when, in a personal exercise, he wrote a draft opinion article and found himself agreeing with Mr. Kerry’s call for withdrawal from Iraq. He acknowledged that the expected deployment of his son Daniel was an important factor.

It finally got a little too real for Dowd and he bailed. This kind of reality is not something that Bush or Cheney will find themselves confronted with any time soon, or ever. So the war continues. But Kerry was right, and what a mistake was made in 2004.


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