(Just Like) Starting Over

My Rolling Stone magazines come quick in the mail and I slowly catch up to them on the pot, so I just recently finished the John Lennon interview from a few issues back. Apparently RS doesn’t like to share these things online so I can’t link you to it (unless you sign up, which I have not), but there are some things in there that will really tear at you. Or, at least, me. Too many things to transcribe but…like this:

RS: You could also have your own late-night TV show–like “The Captain & Tennille.”

JL: Yeah, of course we could. John and Yoko might do it one day. We often talk about that. It might be fun. But there’s time, right? Plenty of time … It will be fun, won’t it, to start 1981 like 1968?

The interview took place on Friday December 5, 1980.


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