Just Gimme Some Truth

This isn’t about Tom Ridge and the threat levels. It’s about the way that everything you hear or read about is total bullshit.

So it has gone with the story of Tom Ridge’s assertion. He made a statement. His publisher summarized the statement, distorting it slightly. The press distorted the statement further. The press began talking to itself about the distortion. And then the original statement, which Ridge had put down in the book and remained unchanged, ceased to exist. His statement was replaced by a popular simulacrum: All that remained was the distortion of what Ridge said in his book. The original statement was gone. And so, we have big news today: Ridge Backpedals!!!

He didn’t backpedal. He wrote what he wrote. Whether what he wrote is true, you have to figure out for yourself. But this is one reason why I dismiss stories like this all the time, whether they are political or local or a stupid fake sports controversy. There’s just so much bullshit surrounding them. What did the people actually say? That’s really all I want to know.

The thing about the terror alerts: we knew that was happening back then. It was obvious. The color would change and the fear would rise and the idiots would stick by their man. Polls go up, votes are made and it’s a done deal. That was an easy one to figure out. How else would Bush get elected in 2004? It worked to perfection.


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