Through some other site (was it Sullivan or Kevin Drum? I’m not even sure) I read this post by the “Instapundit,” whose site I never visit. It basically consists of links to other sites and articles, and perhaps a grunt of approval, or dismay; there is virtually no “content” on, just re-direction. This particular post, like the others, had a quote from another article, and then this additional comment by the Instapundit:

The problem is that our political and journalistic classes lack sufficient patriotism to promote self-discipline, or perhaps sufficient self-discipline to allow them to act patriotically.

Then Glenn Reynolds–that’s Instapundit’s real name–printed a long email from a reader, Scott Wallace, who of course agreed with him. And then I wrote to him. And then his reader wrote another long email. You can go and read the post here, which includes a brief portion of my email. The short story (because the post is ridiculously long) can best be summed up by my final email to Mr. Reynolds:

Let me guess, Scott Wallace is lawyer? He uses an awful lot of words to say nothing, but he could have stopped here:

“So it’s all confusing. I seem to be saying that civil (and not-so-civil) disobedience is as American as apple pie (and it is!), and also that people should render unto the law what is the law’s, even if they disagree with it (and they should!). Hypocrisy!”

Yes, he does seem to be saying that. I think maybe it is because…he is!

Mr. Wallace, and you, seem to believe that the Left consists of a bunch extremist nuts, and therefore childish and unworthy of dissent. I would suggest that you both begin to realize how many of the Americans against this war are not fringe characters but instead average ordinary citizens. To be upset with Mr. Bush is not to suffer from BDS, as so many of like to dismiss it away; there are plenty of valid points that sit behind that anger. He’s done a pretty poor job as president, and with this war.

If you want a good example of a fringe movement, look no further than the kooks who were and still are fascinated with Bill Clinton’s penis. Now there’s where the petulant teenager analogy works just fine.

I don’t often write or comment on anyone else’s sites, but something about this whole “patriotism” bullshit I find to be quite disgusting–that they are still peddling it after all of this time. And all the condescending lawyerly garbage from his reader can’t disguise the fact that he wants it both ways.

Mr. Reynolds is a law professor at the University of Tennessee, by the way. Yeah, a law professor.


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