He Said He Said

Well, Thax is definitely alive, I can say that for sure. Had a talk with him at Double Door Tuesday night. He said, “I know what it’s like to be dead, I know what it is to be sad, and you’re making me feel like I’ve never been born.” Well, no, he didn’t say that, Lennon and McCartney did, but you get the point. Anyway, good to see him out and about and at our show.

I’ve been reading Roger Ebert’s Journal the past few days and I had forgotten how much I enjoy his writing. I don’t read the Sun-Times much anymore, certainly not physically and only sometimes online; the Trib has a much better website. But Roger is really great to read, and I’m not even talking about his movie reviews. Today he wrote about his 30 years of sobriety, which is pretty amazing, and at last look had over 600 comments on it.

I’m going on…what time is it? 11? Three hours or so since I had a Tecate with dinner. But that’s all I had, just one. I can do that, which apparently alcoholics cannot. Well, whatever works, that’s what I say.

Double Door had a tap that was dirty or something because a few of us had to send back beers after taking a sip. It tasted like they hadn’t cleaned that thing in years, or as Rick said, “a butterscotch beer.” Gross. I had 4 beers over the course of the night–less than a beer an hour–and I woke up with a hangover that was highly unjustified. I should only drink from bottles from now on. Tell that to AA!

Which reminds me, one final thing: not to make light of sobriety and people who need it and do it, but I’ve only just recently started watching “Rescue Me” and I love it. I have no sense of the timeline or what happened in previous seasons, I just landed on it one night and got into it, and seem to find it on every now and then to keep up with it.

Denis Leary’s character is a fireman and a drunk, and at one point he attends an AA meeting and proceeds to get up and tell everyone how he’s going to go home and pour a big glass of vodka, or maybe whiskey, and drink, drink, drink it up. He basically blasts a hole in their world and leaves everyone stunned and/or craving a drink themselves, and I guess my point is that I found it kind of hilarious, even if it’s supposed to be a little sad too. They also attempt an intervention and Leary ends up getting everyone that shows up to drink with him instead. Well they had the intervention in a bar, for crissakes.

A little unrealistic and overly dramatic? Sure. Anyway, off to bed, sober.


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