Go With Your Instincts

If Notre Dame’s decision to invite President Obama to speak at its commencement is an “extreme embarrassment” to Catholics, then what does that make Cardinal Francis George? Sure, there are several ways to answer this question–thoughtful, meaningful answers and such–but I’m going to go with my gut on this one: it makes him kind of a dick.


Interesting comments on that article–none by me, mind you! But here’s a summary of my favorites:

The Catholic church and its members (if you’ll pardon the pun) have perfected the art of hypocrisy. How many of the pro-George posters here truly follow church doctrine and use NO birth control of any sort, ever?

The ‘extreme embarrassment’ to Catholics in this situation is Cardinal Francis George. Single-issue thinking like his is one reason why the Catholic Church is in decline in the United States.

Just because Obama doesn’t agree with all the goofy stuff the catholics believe in he shouldn’t be allowed to to speak at ND. I guess they are only tolerant of those that agree with their nonsense.

Just because the Catholic Church is still living in the 12th century, doesn’t mean the rest of us should. Obama is trying to step up and help humanity, not relegate humanity to the dark ages.

Reagan and both Bushes were proponents of the death penalty that the Church opposes, but somehow they were allowed to speak? Uh, ok. Yeah. As a Catholic, I issue this warning to the Church: you are perilously close to losing my generation permanently. Don’t think so? Think again.

All the Catholic Church does is lose members. It is a joke of a religion.

I suppose Cardinal George would prefer to have another child-molesting priest speak at Notre Dame since such priests believe in the dictates of Rome — although they don’t live it. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Are all those child molesters dressed like priests an “extreme embarrassment” to Catholics too?

The catholic church needs to get over itself and move into the 21st century.


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