G-Hog Day Blues

I’m still having computer issues–basically my pc won’t connect to the internet and my Mac laptop won’t acknowledge my existence/password–so I’m borrowing time on the wife’s laptop.

Huh. Still weird to say “wife.”

No Super hangover here, just the gloomy realization that February is here and the worst part of winter has just begun. Six more weeks of it, says the groundhog. Football season is over, said Dr. Thompson, loading the gun. But it’s not all that bad. Spring training and the warm-up are right around the corner, and with it the inevitable misguided hope and frustrating misery that is the baseball season.

But this is not about sports, nor is it about the weather. There are more important things. Like Michael Phelps smoking a bong! A twenty-something jock smoked a bong. First time in history, right? Wow, man.

I am more concerned with why Tom Daschle and Tim Geitner don’t pay their taxes. And why they don’t disclose that info before they accept nominations for top jobs in the White House. Think about it: John Edwards ran for president knowing he had a secret affair ready to explode, Bill Richardson ran for president and accepted a position in the Obama Administration knowing he was under some kind of investigation, and these two dopes didn’t pay their taxes. Amongst other things.

There has to be better people out there to hold these positions, eh?


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