Endless Summer

The days of outrage are long since past, I rarely read anything now and shake my head at its egg-headedness, it just IS and will BE, at least until some kind of major shift occurs. Rumsfeld will not be fired, as is his deserved fate and Bush will not be impeached, as is his, but still it goes on, the savagery, the broken wheels, the sad, ongoing body count and the revisionist history. Today my knee hurts and I don’t know why, I didn’t even hit it. Summer won’t end, even as I strangely am desiring a new season. I’ve never felt this way before, I don’t think, but I find myself longing for cool gloomy days and the end of all this summer-good time-atmosphere. It’s too easy. It’s uninspiring. My tank is empty.

There’s a new 9/11 film on the horizon – you haven’t heard? 9/11 is Back, in a Big Way – and from all the talk it sounds like a Republican propaganda piece, which is really what 9/11 itself has been all along, hasn’t it? Those people died for GOP domination, and don’t you forget it! A five year anniversary is enough to get everyone talking (scared) again, and, with a little help from an underdeveloped terror plot, it is time for the usual overload of Republican tough talk. Election time must be near!

I have read and quoted from Richard Clarke’s book Against All Enemies here before (in previously archived postings, but for now in cyber-storage since I moved to WordPress) and let’s just say that I found his words to be convincing regarding the Clinton and Bush II administrations’ handling of “terror,” as it stood pre-9/11. And I also found his statements to the 9/11 Commission to be most revealing, in particular, these:

“My impression was that fighting terrorism, in general, and fighting Al Qaida, in particular, were an extraordinarily high priority in the Clinton administration — certainly no higher priority. There were priorities probably of equal importance such as the Middle East peace process, but I certainly don’t know of one that was any higher in the priority of that administration.”

“I believe the Bush administration in the first eight months considered terrorism an important issue, but not an urgent issue.”

Now ABC has a movie coming out, I don’t when, probably for viewing on…September 11th? And from what is being thrown out there it appears that the facts are being glossed over in favor of election year dramatics that would cast a favorable light on the Bush administration and put blame towards the administration not in office when 9/11 actually occured. Not in office for almost a year, the Clinton administration was.

Glenn Greenwald does his usual thorough job analyzing the situation, and in his usual calm and deadly manner dissects and destroys all false and misleading information. He has a stronger stomach and will than I, but take the time to read him and, as I have on occasion sent to truth-deficient right-wing commentators, “learn something.” Yes, that is meant to be condescending, to those who deserve condescension.

But even as the calendar turns and fall beckons I am tired of this Beach Boys Endless Summer and need change. Football is around the corner and I am sick of hearing about the usual August celebrities and trivial bullshit. I want brutal, savage violence and at least 24 points a game on offense. I want something more than I have right now. I want someone to speak truthfully and I want someone else to shut the hell up. I want my knee to stop hurting for no reason and I would like things to make more sense to me.


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